HeART For Congo

29 Jan

On January 29th we held an art auction and cultural event in Pittsburgh to help raise money for the CAMP Fund teaching service project.   Because of generous sponsorships and artist donations, we were able to raise $3050!  This means that we've now passed the halfway mark of $15,000--a watershed accomplishment for the CAMP Fund!

Due to its success, we are growing Heart for Congo into more than just a one-time event.  Next week we will lauch our online shop as a Heart for Congo hub--a new way to show your support for our cause by purchasing donated art on the site.  All proceeds, of course, go directly to the CAMP Fund.  Pick up is free for anyone in the Pittsburgh or Fulton County area.

For those of you who weren't able to physically attend our Heart for Congo event, we invite you to participate in a kind of "virtual attendance" below, by watching video of the WACONGO Dance Company's stirring performance and browsing an album of photos.


Everyone agrees that the liveliest part of the evening came with the arrival of Pittsburgh's Congolese Band, the WACONGO Dance Company, who not only performed brilliantly, but also, in Anicet's words "pulled volunteers"; this means  they used a little friendly Congolese coercion to get all the attendees grooving and joining the dancers.   Below we've posted one of six parts you can find on Congo Story's Youtube Channel if you want to see the full performance.


Click Heart for Congo 2011  to enter a flickr gallery of the event.  Also, check out our special contributors page to see the artists and businesses who so generously made this event possible!


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