HEAL Africa Water Project

4 Jun

Our nonprofit, the CAMP fund, supports Jean Nizeyimana Sebushani (Bizi), head of the Technical Department.  Bizi is responsible for making sure all equipment and capacities are functional at HEAL Africa, the Goma medical facility that serves primarily children with orthopedic needs and women who have been victims of sexual violence. This video shows a major project he recently undertook to get more reliable water access at the hospital.

Below we have copied the National Defence and the Canadian Forces article describing the completion of this project (published by 4 April 2011)


In August 2010, a Canadian-Forces led project to build three water tanks was completed at HEAL Africa’s tertiary hospital in Goma, DRC. The tanks ensure the hospital has a reliable source of clean water for drinking, sanitation and surgical procedures. Coordinated by Task Force DRC, the total project budget was $61,266, including $20,000 from the Canadian Local Initiative Fund (administered by the Canadian Embassy in Kinshasa), $11,527 raised by HEAL Africa, and $29,738 from Canadian Expeditionary Forces Command.

Major Carolyne Lamarre, Information Operations Officer: From a Canadian point of view, the HEAL Africa project was very simple. The idea was to dig three gigantic holes of about 50 square metres in which to collect water — water to supply the hospital, especially during dry spells, because before that the hospital got no water at all. The people at HEAL Africa are very happy with the project. Each time I go back to the hospital, each time I go back with Canadians, they tell us how grateful they are and what a big change it has meant for the hospital.

Jean Nizeyimana Sebushani Head, Technical Department HEAL Africa: We had a serious problem before Canada gave us the funding to re‑establish a water supply. Before we had a hard time getting water, even in the operating room, or for the laundry, and sometimes we had to stop operating. Before, we were buying water — at least three truckloads a week — and we were paying at least $90, and it was very expensive for us. We submitted this project to CEFCOM. CEFCOM helped us again, they contacted the Canadian Ambassador. and the Canadian Embassy gave us a lot of help. This funding has made a huge change for us. I am one of the fortunate officers of HEAL Africa because no one is coming to tell me that we cannot operate because of lack of water. That doesn’t happen anymore.

Maj Lamarre: It was really interesting for me to be part of the HEAL Africa project because HEAL Africa is an organization that works very well. In the Congo, this organization contributes something to people and makes a difference. So for us Canadians to be able to make a difference in the Congo is very rewarding and that is why I am very happy to have worked with this organization.


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