goals and progress

A note about the donation gauge: we update it once every two weeks: mid-month and at the end of the month.


Our cause collaborates with three established, accomplished, and accountable overseas organizations 1. a rural nursing school, ITM (Technical Medical Institute of Rwanguba), 2. a medical aid organization, HEAL Africa, and 3.and a university, UCBC (Christian Bilingual University of Congo) to give support to the following:


Nursing Students

$ goes to ITM Rwanguba, a rural nursing school producing new medical professionals that will benefit underserved areas.  Ongoing support gives tuition assistance of $50 each to 40 students for a school year ($2000 yearly).


Medical Aid

$ goes to HEAL Africa, a medical aid organization serving primarily children with orthopedic needs and women with fistula.  Ongoing support funds head medical technician, Bizimana Sebushari, with $300 per month-($3600 yearly).


The above are perennial projects--we aim to renew this support yearly.  We have successfully supported these projects for two years: 20o9 & 2010 in the amounts listed.  We are now raising money to continue in 2012.


Teaching Service

$ will go to UCBC to fund volunteer college instructors Rebecca and Jeff Cech for a year of service committed to producing good leadership & problem-solvers in DR Congo.  A year of supporting two volunteers costs $25,000.


The above project is a special 0ne-year effort for which we do not anticipate renewing support.  After 2011-2012 goals for the first two projects has been reached, the remainder will go toward this project.  Once the donation gauge lightbulb reaches its full illumination, we are set to go!