Photos coming in January...

23 Dec

In October, I sorted through nearly 6,000 photographic slides and selected 500 to send away for scanning and digitizing.  Images include family photos from Congo stretching back to the 1920s, hunting, village life, mountain vistas, volcanic eruptions, medical and missions work, beloved friends, daily activities, and ... well, hundreds of interesting things to see--the result of family living and working in DR Congo since 1917.   The above photo was taken by Jim (my dad) back in the 1980s in Rwanguba--it's a picture of our "backyard".  The lake you see is the result of water collecting in part of a dormant, ancient volcano, and used locally for fishing.  Note our banana tree (right corner), papaya tree (center), and flame tree (left corner, with red buds).  On the left hand side you can also see the tin roof of the local primary school.

Buckle up, because a lot more images are on their way.  They are scheduled to arrive the first week of January, and we will begin posting them with captions as soon as we get our mitts on them.  It will likely take several weeks to make all the photos available, so keep checking back for new additions!

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