The C.A.M.P. Fund

The FCMC Foundation typically invests in regional health and wellness initiatives, improving medical service and education in Fulton County, PA.  However, they inaugurated a special project in 2009, the C.A.M.P. (Congolese Advocacy Memorial Project) Fund, in memory of their employee, Jim Camp (pictured on right), whose private initiatives aligned with the foundation’s core values of integrity, compassion, and teamwork.  Like the FCMC Foundation, Jim concerned himself with the quality of education and medical service in underserved areas, and he ministered to these needs both in his professional and private life.  Professionally, he served in the DR Congo as a medical missionary for ten years and served the rural PA community as a nurse anesthetist for nineteen years.  Privately, he supported education and medical work in the DR Congo, sending much-needed medical equipment and giving scholarships to talented students who lacked proper support.  He did this throughout his life, even when he was working with a very low budget as a missionary.  In 2009, our family was overwhelmed by the number of people who approached us saying that he had supported them through training or funding.  Many of these folk are now in critical positions of professional expertise, leadership, and community service, and are paying the support forward by giving a boost to others in need.  This is how Jim increased the impact of good: he invested in capable people dedicated to making local improvements, who are generous with their talents and resources.  Jim actively supported such people in the DR Congo to the very end, and was in the middle of providing new support to nursing school students and sending out an anesthesia machine when he passed away suddenly in March 2009, leaving these initiatives unfunded.  Working to honor his promises and maintain the support he was giving to accomplish good work, the FCMC foundation, Jim's co-workers, friends, and family collaborated to carry on his legacy of improving medicine and education in the DR Congo. The C.A.M.P. Fund includes two areas of ongoing support,  1. nursing students, 2. medical aid technician, Bizimana Sebushari, and one special initiative 3. the Jitoe Project: a higher education teaching service project for the 2012-2013 school year.  Click support in the main menu for more information on these efforts and their particulars.


The  C.A.M.P. Fund grows from Jim Camp’s spirit of advocacy for the Congolese and cooperation with professionals and leaders in their communities.   We follow in his spirit of personal investment and practical improvement.  Outside of his anesthesia office in Fulton County Medical Center, there is a memorial plaque in Jim's honor quoting Galatians 6:9: "Let us not grow weary in well-doing, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart."  Such was Jim’s faithfulness to good works in a country with persistent conflict and unrest; he made his impact in the way we intend to carry forward: by enheartening others and strengthening networks that make us all better-informed, more technically equipt, and suited to cooperatively meet the challenges that face those in most vulnerable and in need of care.



The C.A.M.P Fund works to swell the ranks of problem-solvers and caregivers in the DR Congo.  Eastern Congo is riven by war and instability and requires principled and capable professionals to address emergency needs while helping to break the cycles of violence and corruption that feed those emergencies in the first place.  We are investing in Congolese people and organizations who are models of growth and sustainable development, and who help improve health and wellness of both the community and the systems that serve and support it.  We partner with reputable organizations and institutions that have a track record of positive community involvement and impact: HEAL Africa, ITM Nursing School, and  UCBC (Bilingual Christian University of Congo)--all organizations that show promise, accountability,  innovation, and effectiveness in the fields of education and/or medicine.