Welcome Guests! The site is up, but under construction.

30 Nov

Hey, visitors.   We are excited to see this site coming together, but know there's a lot of work remaining to populate it with good material and make sure it's easy to navigate. If you've stopped by to check it out, we want you to know that it's currently under heavy construction, so some links may not work yet.  If you swing by again in a few days, there'll be more content, and the design will be fully-developed.

In the meantime, enjoy this choir rehearsal of a song that expresses exactly what we are feeling about your arrival on Congo Story.  They are singing: "Wasema karibu, wageni wetu.  Kuja kushiriki pamoja nasi" or "We say welcome to our guests.  Come and join together with us."  It's an honor to have you as our visitors, and we are working hard to make this website Conglese-style hospitable, with a warm invitation into our space and lots of goodies so you feel full and satisfied when you leave.

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