Events and Activities

All donations we receive from all the activities listed below go directly to the 501(3)(c) CAMP Fund.  Any costs associated with outreach, education, and advocacy we pay privately.  If you know of an opportunity for outreach or education about the DR Congo where you feel we can be useful, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for help.  We will do our best to meet your needs.


All of the events and activities listed below reflect our commitment to peace and prosperity DR Congo and our belief in:


  1. providing free and reliable information to the public about challenges in DR Congo as well as opportunities for support and advocacy, 
  2. cultivating local and international partnerships, and
  3. taking informed action to meet those goals.


We are committed, above all, to helping address the roots of human rights abuses, social inequities, and lack of social services in DRC and to work alongside motivated and talented Congolese who want to take charge of their country's future.


Outreach & Education:


  • The Reel Congo Film Series.  From July-October we ran a film series every Sunday evening featuring films from or about the Congo.  Each month focused on a particular subject and conversation following the film explored differing perspectives about the subject in question.  The goal was to educate audiences, so that they could leave understanding more about DR Congo with a growing appreciation for its culture and people.  Several local Congolese led discussions.  For an explanation of the program's focus and a list of the films shown, visit here.


  • Woodland Hills Middle School Visit.  On March 2, 2011 Becky taught 7th graders about the Congo, so they could better appreciate the cultural background of a Congolese student, Japhet, in their midst.  Click here for the blog post on her visit here for a podcast 
  • Collection for Congolese immigrant family. On March 9, 2011 we coordinated a donation of items to help Pepo Mazingi; he worked 10 years to bring his family to Pittsburgh only to have a house fire in December 2010; they escaped with minor injuries but lost everything.  Click here for the story.


  • WQED Community Cinema.  On March 10, 2011 Becky served as an expert panelist for an event previewing a new documentary about a Congolese woman who started an organization to help refugees. Click here for audio discussion about the film.


  • Carlow College Conference on Empowerment.  On February 26, 2011 Becky gave a presentation about Congo’s advertisements and how they reflect a public's desire for power to exert control over their lives.


  • Engineers without Borders visit.  On March 22, 2011 Jeff gave a talk about Congolese history and development, focusing on hydroelectric power.  Click here for the podcast.

Fundraising Events:


  • Heart for Congo.  On January 3oth, 2011 (Jim Camp’s birthday) we held a fundraising and cultural event partnering with Pittsburgh artists to raise money for the CAMP Fund.  Visit here for details.


  • Help Healing In Congo.  On March 18th we tabled at a Pittsburgh Human Rights Network event Help Healing in Congo, which benefitted women in Congo victimized by sexual violence.


Human Rights Arts Festival.  On April 11, 2011 we tabled for the Human Rights Arts Festival at Duquesne University.