Support for Medical Aid Work

History of this support:  The Camp family has known Bizi for over 20 years and has long witnessed his patience, generosity, technical savvy, intelligence, and commitment to peaceful relations.   Jim Camp supported Bizi by funding his medical engineering degree, and, after his graduation, advocated for him to attain a position HEAL Africa, a locally-staffed medical aid organization in Goma that primarily serves children with orthopedic

needs and women who have been victims of sexual violence.  Bizi has since been promoted to serve as the technical director.  He now heads a team that repairs and maintains almost everything at the HEAL Africa medical facility.  Bizi  and his crew must work  with specialized equipment and technology in a country that has never experienced an era of industrialization.  Parts are hard to come by, and things break often.    Supporting his position is vital because it ensures that medical personnel can do their jobs effectively.

How the donations will be used:   In support of both HEAL Africa and Bizi, Jim set up a regular contribution to HEAL Africa dedicated specifically to providing his technician position with a fair salary, donating $300 per month or $3,600 yearly.  Our aim is to maintain this salary contribution through HEAL Africa to assist Bizi and his work.

Who benefits & how:   Your support benefits  HEAL Africa, a high-traffic and high-quality medical NGO in Goma which deals daily with the effects of longstanding political instability and war; your gifts of support:


  1. keep Bizi's vital medical engineering/technical position  well-funded.  Since he is responsible for trouble-shooting and repairing any problems of technical maintenance that arise in the medical aid facility, both patients and medical personnel rely on his expertise and good management to keep things running smoothly.
  2. grow technical expertise and  medical equipment repair at HEAL Africa.  Bizi has recently expanded his role, which now includes teaching.  His teaching role enables others to repair equipment.  As medicine advances to rely more and more on  specialized technology, the need for technicians like Bizi is growing.
  3. improve the quality of medical care in the region.  HEAL Africa is generous with its resources, and Bizi occasionally does trouble-shooting, equipment repair, and installation for other facilities in the area looking for experts.   
  4. enable Bizi to help a variety of people in need.  The more resources Bizi has, the more he uses them to improve the lives of those around him.  Genuinely community-minded, Bizi  understands the needs around him and addresses them capably, supporting many in turn.


See the video below for a quick glimpse of Bizi working at a simple repair.  Here he completes an item at home on his "honey-do" list: replacing a leaky faucet.