our supporters and their voices


Note:  we will not post your name or comments  unless you give us permission!  Comments can also be posted anonymously at your request.

What this area is about:   A cause, like any organized effort, is only as worthy as the people staffing it and the people funding it.  We have a clear vision, which is key to seeing good results, but we also realize that the true measure of the C.A.M.P. Fund's power to make an impact comes not from the vision, but from the people who support it.  Here we acknowledge and give voice to you, our supporters--the engine of this effort.  Scroll down to see donor comments.

How we got these comments & why they are important to us: following a donation, our family sends a card (separate from the foundation's official non-profit letter) expressing our thanks and inviting you to share your reasons for giving.   Hearing back from you is important to us, because:

  • We would like to know you better.  This is a very personal cause for us, and we are interested in who you are, and how you are connected to the story of doing good in DR Congo, personally or otherwise.
  • We want to thank and recognize you publicly, if you'll allow us.
  • We would like to put things on this site that matter most to you.  If you respond, we can tailor the site better to particular interests and concerns.  Since we are want to give you a rich picture of how this work fits into and affects people's daily lives, rather than a tightly-focused view of a particular problem, we are happy to information-gather and bring new things to delight, entertain and intrigue you.
  • We believe it is important for visitors and donors to hear voices besides our own.  We can talk a blue streak about why the C.A.M.P. Fund is important to us and to Congolese beneficiaries, but when the question "Why give?" gets asked, what a lot of people want to know is "why should I give to this cause particularly and not another?"  The truth is that there are a lot of good nonprofits out there, and many reasons to give, both locally and abroad.  Each person comes with his or her unique reason for giving, but if you look at the reasons given below, you may identify with some of them!

For those of you who prefer to remain private about your information, please know we are equally grateful whether you respond or choose not to, and we will always protect your privacy.  If you respond to us, but would like this information kept private (only visible by C.A.M.P. Fund staff), we are happy to accommodate.


Robert Roush says:  "I was touched by the stories, ideas and hope that I heard at the FCMC luncheon auction."

Anonymous says: "To help continue the great work Jim did in all his too short life."

Reed & Leta Feight say: "We want to do for Jim what he did for us."

Anonymous says: "I learned of you through my friend, whose family is involved with your efforts.  I was moved to help for many reasons, but mostly because of the inspirational sacrifices you are making for the children of Congo."

Jen Johnston says: "I sort of met Jim Camp twice, once as a ten-year-old and again as an adult.  Both times he was quite a presence.  Although (as a child) I was intimidated at first, after getting to know Jim his presence was warm and reassuring.  Later, he seemed delighted at the presence of a new face in the workplace, especially a familiar one.  I am very fortunate to have known Jim; however, in losing him suddenly, I also feel I only knew the tip of the iceburg.  I am proud to be a part of this cause because I get to see a whole new part of Jim's life and I also get to help people in a part of the world that is unfamiliar to me, which makes me feel part of something BIG.  Keep up the good work!

Teddi Prettiman says: "Initially I was motivated to contribute because of my friendship with Becky (Jim's daughter) & her contagious enthusiasm for the mission he started--but as I read and learned more, now I am motivated by the very tangible difference being made both for, and by, the Congolese to improve their lives and the entire region."

Sherri Hickernell says: "It is important to me to be a part of this cause because I want to do anything I can to support Becky and Jeff. They are two of my favorite people. I love their huge hearts and their commitment to the Congo and its wonderful people."

The Harveys say: "We love you and so appreciate the friendship we shared with Jim since we were freshmen at PCB (Philadelphia College of Bible).  We support his love for the people in the Congo."

Julie Knepper says: "Jim had a way of meeting everyone on a level where they could communicate with each other.  He believed in us at a time when most people only judged us.  It meant a lot."