How the C.A.M.P Fund gives support

The C.A.M.P. Fund invests in medicine and education in Eastern DR Congo, knowing these are not only needed services, but agents of development and security, producing moral, communal-minded leaders to help break cycles of violence, combat corruption, and stimulate positive changes and growth.  Increased medical expertise helps address both short-term and long-term health and wellness needs; moreover, a good education, medical and otherwise, helps to train professionals and swell the ranks of problem-solvers in a place that needs them acutely.  We are collaborating with three established, accomplished, and accountable overseas organizations 1. a rural nursing school, ITM (Technical Medical Institute of Rwanguba), 2. a medical aid organization, HEAL Africa, and 3.and a university, UCBC (Christian Bilingual University of Congo) to give support to the following:


Nursing Students

$ goes to ITM Rwanguba, a rural nursing school producing new medical professionals that will benefit underserved areas.  Ongoing support gives tuition assistance of $50 each to 40 students for a school year.


Medical Aid

$ goes to HEAL Africa, a medical aid organization serving primarily children with orthopedic needs and women with fistula.  Ongoing support funds the head medical technician, Bizimana Sebushari, with $300 per month.


Teaching Service

$ will go to UCBC to fund volunteer college instructors Rebecca and Jeff Cech for a year of service committed to producing good leadership & problem-solvers in DR Congo.  A year of supporting two volunteers costs $25,000.

Click above to visit individual areas of support and get details about each, including a history of the effort, how the donations will be used, and who benefits.  Please strengthen our support by joining us, and DONATE as you are able.

Support for Nursing Students

History of this support:  In the 1980s, Jim helped start a nursing school in a rural part of DRC (Rwanguba), where educational opportunities tend to be very limited but medical needs very pressing.  In January 2009, Jim visited the school and met with students worried about tuition inflation.  He realized the high impact of having to pay an extra $50 in a place where there are no loans available, and $50 is greater than the average monthly salary (for reference: a city policeman makes $50 a month, so imagine the budget for rural students).


How donations will be used:  This scholarship provides tuition assistance for the nursing school students in Rwanguba.  The money will be given directly to the institution and $50 applied to each student’s account, so that everyone will benefit equally.  Our goal is to renew this tuition contribution annually, and keep the student support active and funded.  The school currently enrolls 40 students, making our donation $2000 annually.

Who benefits & how: Your support benefits underserved communities (like the rural PA area, Fulton County, where the FCMC Foundation does its regional work).  Your contributions mean that Congo's health system will have more qualified and talented nurses; your gifts of support:

  1. increase graduation rates and puts more nurses into circulation.  Students can focus on studying rather than working to earn extra money, which would interfere with the time and focus they need. 
  2. serve as a force of equal opportunity, because the financial burden of inflation normally puts extra pressure on economically disadvantaged students, forcing them out of the system, regardless of how bright and promising they are.  You even the playing field by ensuring that all students have the chance to succeed.
  3. sustain educational opportunities for future students.  Schools must cover the costs of teaching staff, materials, and general inflation, and this leads to rising tuition.  By giving to the school, you ensure its continued operation.
  4. invest in the whole region’s health and wellness.  This is the only nursing school in the area, so when you help these students, you are increasing the quality of health care in the whole region.

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The C.A.M.P. Fund is a cooperative effort sustained by the Jim Camp's employer (Fulton County Medical Center), co-workers, friends, and family.  Our family created Congo Story because  we feel a deep personal investment in this cause and the people connected to it.  We believe it is a privilege to develop a responsive relationship with donors.  We would be glad to get feedback and bring you information that particularly interests you.  Is there something you  would like to learn about  that's connected to this cause or DR Congo?  We are still in the process of writing material for the site and it will take some time to post all the stories, photos, and videos we have to offer.  If you write us we will acknowledge your requests, answer any questions you have to the best of our ability, and keep your ideas on file as we continue to building the content on Congo Story.


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