About Congo Story and the CAMP Fund


Congo Story  is a website that is privately funded, and maintained  by Jim Camp's family.  Most of the material on this site has been personally collected and written by members of our family.  However, we wish to emphasize that:

we are affiliated with the 501(c) non profit organization, FCMC Foundation, and all donations made through this site go directly to the C.A.M.P. (Congolese Advocacy Memorial Project) Fund, the effort started by Jim Camp's employer, co-workers friends and family to continue his legacy of service and empowerment in DR Congo.

We have been working closely with the FCMC Foundation to sustain and grow this fund, and we created this website as a means to enrich the donor experience and connect people with the recipients of their gifts.  Here you will find the stories, faces, and voices of the people that your donations empower to do good work; you will also see ways that recipients pay forward your generosity, and put their education and professional expertise to work for others.  Through this site we will give you many personal ways to understand to the network of lives you are touching through the C.A.M.P. Fund, and the legacy of effort and investment you carry on through your gifts.